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Theatre Reopening In Chicago - What You Need To Know!

Kyle Irwin

Your Guide to Reopening!

We’re almost there! With Covid-19 numbers in our favor, Chicagoans are eager to become audience members again, and if numbers continue to track downwards, we might be in for a normal(ish) summer! While this great news is heartily welcomed by us all, we still need to make sure that everyone, including employees, are following guidelines to ensure the safety of all. The League of Chicago Theatres has compiled a great list of resources regarding what venues should consider as they plan to reopen. 

Among the resources LOCT has put together is a link to the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity’s page regarding Phase 4, which suggests that venues make sure to post safety protocol signage. How do you plan on communicating your safety protocol to your visitors? Your venue undoubtedly requires some updated signage. Not only do signs inform your guests and employees on how best to stay safe during reopening, but they also show that you take the health of your guests and employees seriously. The DCEO has created a variety of sample sign designs that are free to download, and can easily accommodate the addition of your venue’s logo. However creating your own guidelines and way-finding, with your own design and branding, is the best way to ensure a smooth experience at your venue.

To make sure your guests aren’t congregating in one spot, make sure you have adequate way-finding signs to keep guests moving. This can include signage that directs the flow of traffic (especially away from closed areas), as well as points patrons toward amenities such as the restroom, or hand sanitizing stations. If an area of your venue is intended to be closed, make sure that it is clearly marked, and that you have direction signs pointing your patrons away from that area. 

Indoor sign directing foot traffic to the right

Signs encouraging hand washing are most likely already in your washrooms, however consider updating your signage to motivate thoroughly washing hands for at least 20 seconds, per the CDC’s recommendation. Additionally, having paper towels available for the bathroom door handle is a great way to stop the spread of germs, so make sure you have a post instructing guests to do so!

Indoor sign displaying health and safety protocol

Hand sanitizing stations are also a must-have throughout your theatre (contact us if you are in need of a station!). Having signage that points your guests in the direction of these stations will make sure everyone is staying as safe as possible. Similarly, consider using QR codes linking to pertinent information on your signage to further limit the amount of physical contact. 

Indoor welcome sign with scannable QR codes

Covid-19 signage isn’t just for your guests — written procedures for your staff and artists are important to making sure everyone knows how to stop the spread of the virus while at the theatre. 

Keep in mind that while these protocols are meant to be temporary, it might be awhile before you no longer need signage with guidelines for your venue. When choosing what material to print onto, remember that you want them to last. Additionally, printing onto a material like coroplast (corrugated plastic), or opting for laminated signage allows you to be able to disinfect easily. Additionally, way-finding can also come in the form of floor graphics, window clings, as well as vinyl banners.

As always, Printworks is here to help you with all of your reopening signage needs. If you have any questions regarding what you may need or would like to place an order, email us at Our expertise and competitive pricing will make your venue reopening a breeze!

Indoor sign reading "Thanks for coming."