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Artist Spotlight: Bryn Gleason

Kyle Irwin

Transferring Print to Wood

Bryn Gleason is a visual artist from Chicago, with a recent focus in the exploration of emotional intimacy to serve as a platform for the representation and normalization of queerness. Her expertise comes in the form of intaglio copper etching and acrylic photo-transfer on wood. We were happy to be a part of her latest works of art!

Here is an incredible example of one of her projects. Bryn requested that we print the first image on uncoated paper so that she could photo-transfer onto a panel of wood. After the transfer, she enhanced the image using sandpaper, felt-tipped pens, and acrylic paint. The before and after is stunning!


Photo of two people embracing.


Photo of two people embracing that has been transferred to wood.

Bryn Gleason was gracious enough to share her step-by-step instructions on how to transfer a photo print to wood:

1: Photoshoot. Take pictures, keeping in mind that the photograph will be the base layer of your final image.

2: Select a photo from your shoot that you want to work with and perfect it in Photoshop.

3: Digitally draw on your photo in Procreate (optional).

4:  (or other desired size) black and white, uncoated, prints from Chicago Printworks.

5: Select a birchwood panel with desirable woodgrain that will not contradict your image.

6: Cut birchwood to 24"x24" (slightly smaller than print).

7: Build frame on back of wood panel with 1"x2" boards, wood glue, and nails.

8: Attached hooks and wire to frame for hanging.

9: Sand front and sides of panel and frame until smooth and seamless.

10: Coat wood in Polyurethane to protect from moisture, let dry overnight.

11: Adhere print, ink side down, to wood with an Acrylic Gel Medium Adhesive. Working quickly, and carefully, use a flexible plastic squeegee to smooth out any wrinkles. (I recommend doing a small test block first before working large).

12: Let dry for 24 hours.

Let us know if you’re looking to create a similar project!

Bryn R Gleason