Prep Like A Pro

Checklist for File Submission

Kyle Irwin

Check These Off For Best Printing Results!

1. Use CMYK

Screens display color in RGB, and printers print using CMYK. By using the CMYK color mode, you’ll be able to design your artwork using the colors that will be printed, and not colors that can only be replicated with a screen. Our resource on RGB vs CMYK is a great place to learn more about using the correct color mode.

2. Make sure your file is high-resolution

There’s nothing worse than when your images are blurry, or your artwork prints pixelated! Always check you are set at 300 dpi, and your canvas size/art board is sized at your desired dimensions. When saving, always make sure you select the highest quality possible. Check out our article on PPI vs DPI to learn more!

3. Make sure all important content is within the print safety margin

While we take the utmost care when cutting prints down to size, keeping your important content within the print safety margin, and away from the trim line, will ensure that all of your prints come out looking perfect.

4. If including bleed, make sure it extends at least .125’’ past the trim line

If you want your artwork to print right to the edge, make sure to design your artwork with enough bleed, to avoid any unwanted thin white edges!